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The two go hand in hand

22 de May 2020

The two go hand in hand

The rebellious faith is one that does not accept what is bad, even if it presents itself with the name of “destiny”, “trial”, “cross” or “karma” … Because the rebellious faith is based on the Commandments and Promises of the Most High and not of false gods …

* You who are in a desperate, humiliating, terrible situation … look at what the Living God promised in His Word, look up and revolt against this situation … it does not come from God!

* Do not give credibility to what others say, think or think about you and your situation …

* When you have the opportunity to go to the Altar and get God’s attention through your sacrifice … go with everything. Because, for sure, He will help you, deliver you, respond!

* And everyone will see and say: “Who saw you … and who sees you, huh … ?!”

* And you will say: “It is because I revolted, I launched myself at the Altar of sacrifice entirely, so my transformation was entirely!”

• Don’t forget that: Your life depends on the quality of your faith, the revolt …!
– If your faith is traditional, your life will go on without quality.
– If your faith is revolt, sacrificial, your life will be of quality.