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When MESMICE takes over the ROUTINE

14 de May 2020

When MESMICE takes over the ROUTINE

The life of those who serve God, be it Pastor, Worker, Evangelist or Church Member, is basically a routine, as we live within the parameters of conduct established by Him in His Word.

But, this routine brings the news of faith every day, because: “… so let us also walk in new life.” (Romans 6.4)

However, we have seen servants “tired” of serving the Lord Jesus, some after several years of serving Him, others were short of service, but “tiredness” overcame them, why? Because they let sameness enter your ROUTINE.

This was one of the great mistakes that the priests made in the past, as their service to the Living God in the Temple was routine, however, while it was done with pleasure, there was Holiness and Fear, and with that, dedication.

When they began to see it as sameness, it was then that carelessness took over and everything, for them, became banal, leading them to spiritual corruption.

The routine is positive for the servant of God, as, over time, it improves in the Work he does for his Lord by being applied, dedicated, fearful, living in Holiness and, mainly, by being REVOLTED, not accepting to see time go by and not offering God a more excellent service today than yesterday.

In this way, the servant is protecting himself from the wiles of the devil who “walks around, roaring like a lion, seeking whomever he can swallow” (1 Peter 5.8).

The sameness is just the opposite! It makes the servant sloppy, accommodating who he is and what he does for God, because he thinks he already knows how to do it and there is nothing to improve. It makes you a MURMOR!

Let us look at the creation of God: every day the sun rises and sets, it is the ROUTINE established, but not every day the temperature is the same, the wind does not always blow with the same force, nor in the same direction, etc … as it is, even in creation there is no place for sameness.

P.S: Not even the devil, our adversary, lives in sameness, because the Lord Jesus himself taught us in Matthew 12 that the devil constantly changes his strategy against the Christian.
Ah, but make no mistake, he has a routine, that is, walking around us looking for those who are living in sameness to devour them.

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