Category: Thoughts

9 March

Don’t see big problems as big threats, but as big enough that you can get them right.

8 March

Those who are not able to lead themselves first, are not able to lead others because there is no self-discipline.

7 March

In life, stumbling blocks are inevitable, but the decisive question is: should we stay down, wallowing in defeat, or get back on our feet as quickly as possible?

6 March

The truth is that we are measured by the objectives we achieve and those we still aim to achieve.

5 March

The doors we open and close each day decide the life we ​​live.

4 March

With goals and willingness to pursue them, all disappointment is overcome

3 March

What is your biggest opportunity today? It is simply doing your best.

2 March

We can only get where we can see each other.

22 January

Who knows how to say no to frustration, knows how to say YES to realization