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Body forward and head back

25 de May 2020

Body forward and head back

You can’t keep making mistakes like most people … how come? People physically move forward, but spiritually looking back, I mean: thinking about the past …, what they lost, what went wrong, what was left behind …

* This deeply displeases God, this type of error has caused many to be defeated in the struggles of life …

* If you consider yourself to be God and are dying in the desert (a life without quality …) instead of taking possession of the Promised Land (Enjoying a quality life in every way), then you have to stop to look at the past, comparing the life you have today with the life you had in the past, if you ever had quality of life …

Never say: Why were the days spent better than these? For it is not wise to ask like this (Ecclesiastes 7.10).

* We need to police ourselves and keep an eye on what we think and say… And look only at the Lord Jesus, what matters is what He promised, and look ahead and not murmur…

• Don’t forget that: Your life depends on the quality of your faith, revolt …!
– If your faith is traditional, your life will go on without quality.
– If your faith is revolt, sacrificial, your life will be of quality.

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