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It is born in moments of greatest anguish

27 de May 2020

It is born in moments of greatest anguish

You who are already almost deviating from the Way of God when you see the wicked, the unbelievers prospering … and you are embarrassed, needs.

When we read the Holy Scriptures, we see in the words of the servants of God a revolt, an indication against the situation of shame they suffered, which must also be existing in your heart, because of the situations of oppression and misery that you are experiencing …

This happened to all men and women of God, in the moments of greatest anguish, pain and humiliation … and what did they do?
* They revolted and went to the sacrifice of EVERYTHING OR NOTHING … “or God is with me and I’m going to rock! Or not, and my story ends here! ”
* This happened to me several times … in these 31 years of Ministries as a Missionary in Brazil, Africa, United States and Europe …
* Afflictions, difficulties, persecutions, needs, humiliations … problems considered impossible for human eyes …
* Therefore, I affirm that in moments of greatest anguish and pain, God caused a revolt to rise in me … and when we revolt against the situation of injustice we are experiencing, it is that God manifests himself and transforms our situation …

• Don’t forget that: Your life depends on the quality of your faith, revolt …!
– If your faith is traditional, your life will go on without quality.
– If your faith is revolt, sacrificial, your life will be of quality.