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Triune Sacrifice

1 de December 2023

Triune Sacrifice

Triune Sacrifice

The promise of the Presence of God requires the triune sacrifice. Those who desire to be witnesses of the Presence of God (to be baptised with the Holy Spirit) must show God their unconditional surrender on His Altar by sacrificing the following:

1 – Spiritual Sacrifice:

The first level of the ‘spiritual’ sacrifice requires one to deny themselves, by sincerely repenting, making a decision to speak to God and to whom they have sinned or made a mistake against and abandon it completely, resisting inclinations such as falsehood, pride, maliciousness, jealousy, envy, resentment, self-sufficiency, fears, grudges, lies, iniquities…

Also, to abstain from videos, literature, and secular information such as music, news, movies, social media and everything that distracts the attention from the main focus, which is the Holy Spirit…

Also, pray more frequently, asking God:

  • What does the Lord want me to do or stop doing …?
  • What does the Lord want me to sacrifice …?
  • Who can I help, evangelise, bless today …?

Other spiritual sacrifices that are fundamental:

  • Fast of food (abstain from one meal of the day and offer that fast to God)
  • Reading the Bible and meditating (on what was read throughout the day)
  • Love the neighbour (help someone, evangelise someone, pray for someone)
  • Listen to Bishop`s Macedo message every day on the radio or the midday program.
  • To take part in the prayer of the Journey to Mount Sinai every day at 10.30 pm;
  • Take part in the radio programme and TV programmes of the church
  • Trying to go to the church more often, on days that you don’t usually go…

By emptying ourselves and occupying our minds with the Word of God (to think about the things above, the spiritual things), we will make our sacrifice to be accepted and approved by God.

Note: it is not enough to empty ourselves of vain, futile and useless things unless we fill ourselves with spiritual thoughts, content and new habits. 

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2 


  • Occupy your mind with the things of the Word, promises and commandments of God
  • Write your request beforehand on a piece of paper
  • Buy an envelope or do it yourself
  • Put in there your financial sacrifice with discretion and fear of God
  • Wake up early on Sunday 10th, and get ready as instructed.
  • Arrive early before the service; 40, 30 or 20 minutes earlier
  • Be in the spirit of prayer,
  • When you go up the Altar of the Living God, present your life and speak to Him
  • The Presence of God will fill you and will give you rest – with the absolute assurance that now you are His child.

Now before him, there was no king like him, – (he stripped himself of appearances, of ornaments and converted)

who turned to the Lord with all his heart, – (spiritual sacrifice)

with all his soul, – (emotional sacrifice)

and with all his might, – (material sacrifice)

according to all the Law of Moses;  – (as God commanded on Mount Sinai) nor after him did any arise like him.” (II Kings 23:25)

We will see each other in the UCKG or the Clouds

Bishop Julio Freitas 

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