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I’m not for sale

30 de April 2020

I’m not for sale

How did buying and selling slaves work in the past? Only those who were made slaves were bought, whether men, women or children.

Some were made slaves to pay family debts, who had no economic means to pay, others were kidnapped by slave traders and then sold to people from other nations, and there were still those who were born slaves, since their parents were slaves.

Whatever the form that the person, once free, was made a slave, when bought by someone became his property.

Any man who was considered free could not be bought by anyone, because he owned himself.

_ “… because you were killed, and with your blood you bought us for God of all tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation;” _
Revelation 5.9

Anyone who considers himself free cannot be bought by the Blood of the Lord Jesus, unless he puts himself up for sale, that is, put himself before God as a servant / slave.

What we see today are Christians who raise their hands to pray, call Jesus “Lord”, but they have a sign on their chest saying “I AM NOT FOR SALE”, that is, I want to continue to do my will, to live in my own way, fulfilling my desires, being the “owner of my nose”.

It doesn’t matter who the person is, what he did, what nation he is from, what his background is, what matters is that he is “for sale” to be bought by the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus.

Bishop Carlos Rocha