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Noah’s Post-Quarantine

23 de April 2020

Noah’s Post-Quarantine

In the coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing, we see many speculating about what the ‘post-quarantine’ will look like. Some optimists, others pessimists, but all unanimously affirm that it is impossible to describe what will happen accurately. If we look at the history of humanity, we are really experiencing an unprecedented crisis today. But has man ever experienced anything at least similar? Yes. Noah and his family.

The wickedness of men’s hearts was so great that God brought the flood on the earth. Noah found Grace before God and received instructions to build the ark and thus survive the flood, he and his family. Noah obeyed. The Bible says that

“So Noah did; according to all that God sent him, so he did. ” Gen 6:22

After years, with the ark already built, God said to Noah

“(…) I will make it rain on the earth forty days and forty nights;” Gen 7: 4b

God spoke how long it would rain, but not how long Noah would be in the ark. After forty days, the rain stopped, but “

the waters prevailed excessively on the land; and all the high mountains that were under all the sky, were covered. ” Gen 7:19

That is, even after the quarantine, Noah had to continue inside the ark because the waters still flooded the land.

• What went through his head?
• Was he concerned that food reserves would last?
• Did you look forward to going back to work?
• Did you question whether the land would be suitable for planting again?
• Did you have problems with family members?
• Did you think it was the end?

We have no answer to the questions above, but surely bad thoughts have come. However, something far greater than bad thoughts prevailed: The Word of God.

Noah trusted the Word.

“By faith Noah, divinely warned of things that were not yet seen, feared and, for the salvation of his family, prepared the ark, by which he condemned the world, and was made heir to the righteousness that is according to faith.” Heb 11: 7

Only the Word of God sustains when we are facing a crisis that we cannot predict its end. It took more than 300 days for the waters to subside. Almost a year for Noah to set foot on the ground again. And the first thing he did was to raise an altar and sacrifice.

Whoever trusts the Word, knows that even if it takes weeks, months or even years until everything returns to normal, God is taking care of those who believe in Him.

Is that you? Are you attached to the Word of God so that your Faith prevails evil thoughts?
Do you believe that God is taking care of you and your family? Have you invested in your Salvation and Fellowship with God?

Believe me. It doesn’t matter how long the ‘post-quarantine’ lasts. With God, It will rock!

May God Bless You Greatly!!

Pr. Leandro Maniquez

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