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29 de November 2019


There are 3 types of suffering people in the world:

1. Those who moan, suffer in silence and wait for luck … which never comes;

2. Those who moan and plead with the gods and the world for help … who never help;

3. Those who moan and cleverly rebel and direct their cry to the One True and Living God … who listens, sees and descends to deliver them immediately!

Mount Sinai is where God descended to answer those in this third group. We call this mountain “the mountain of the impossible,” because it was there that God said to Moses:

“… I will do before all thy people wonders that have never been done in all the earth, nor in any nation; so that all these people, in whose midst you are, see the work of the Lord.” (Exodus 34.10)

We go to Sinai to seek these wonders that were never done; seek the solution of the unsolvable, the realization of the impossible.

The thousands of true cases in our church prove this.

If you believe you will come with us to the Mount of God – Altar of Sacrifice, and see His Wonders in your life as well.

Do you believe?

Then we’ll see you at Mount Sinai