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50 choices for your SUCCESS (Part 5)

31 de January 2020

50 choices for your SUCCESS (Part 5)

1. Getting up early
2. Pray to the Living God
3. Read and meditate on the Word of God
4. Give attention to the Family
5. Eat healthy
6. Exercise frequently
7. Respect others
8. Judging after the facts
9. Be true
10.Have your goals clear
12.Use: “Please” and “Thank you”
13. Knowing how to listen
14.Plan your day
15.Learn new skills
16. Be persevering
17.Help someone
19. Be humble
20. Investing in you
21. Talk less and do more
22.Being defined
23. Improving your knowledge
24. Be peaceful
25. Knowing how to deal with everyone
26.Writing your priorities
27.If you mirror a Hero of Faith (Hb11)
28.Thinking big
29.Be diligent
30.Be honest
31. Be proactive
32. Forgive
33. Fasting
34. Knowing how to say no
35. Be faithful to the firstfruits
36. Don’t speak behind your back
37. Don’t make jokes about something serious
38. Don’t mumble
39. Don’t wait for anyone
40. Don’t envy
41. Don’t take bribes
42. Don’t play the poor thing
43.Look forward – future
44.Less time for social networks
46.Honor your word
47.Be on time
48. See the bright side
49.Assume your mistakes
50. Be intrepid

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